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The BarGO Story

BarGO was started by two childhood friends Matt and Charlie. Soon after realizing they needed help with just about everything Max was brought on board. All three have a passion for products and a mind for building. BarGO was started out of Charlie's basement when Matt and Charlie were sophomores in college. It is a reflection of who they are as people, which became all the more interesting after adding Max. In short, BarGO is the unlimited quest for knowledge from its founders, and it has become a pretty kick-ass software along the way. 

In February 2023, Max, Charlie, and Matt sold BarGO to Michael and David, two current students at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Michael and David have the same passion as the prior owners and plan to expand BarGO to as many college campuses as they can. 


Disrupting markets is not for the faint of heart. BarGO has the potential to rewire how consumers make their decisions and how bars market to those same consumers. That's what is so exciting about this idea. It is not a gimmick, not a novelty. It is a real driver for change. Very few people get the opportunity to improve people's lives on a large scale, and we now have one while we are young, hungry, and extremely motivated.


BarGO seeks to improve the customer experience by providing a wealth of real-time, fact-based information on the crowd, wait-times, cover fees, and specials in any establishment. We see a huge gap between a need for information and an access to it. Right now drinkers and diners alike have no way to make real-time data-driven decisions on where they want to spend their time. We aim to fix that.

Meet The Team


Michael Gentleman

  • LinkedIn

Junior at the University of Wisconsin - Madison studying for a B.S. in Data Science 


David J. Vargas

  • LinkedIn

Graduate student at the University College London studying Educational Assessment. 

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